Stephen Leather - Banging Bill's Wife


Adrian is a Singapore-based stockbroker who flies to Thailand to blow off some steam. He takes every sexual opportunity offered to him in the Land Of Smiles, but before long he is bored by the endless chain of sexual partners. That’s when he’s offered a new sexual thrill, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to try something that he’s never done before – a man wants a group of strangers to make love to his wife while he watches. So Adrian agrees to bang Bill’s wife, not realising that the experience will change him for ever.

Banging Bill’s Wife is just under 7,000 words – about 20 pages, perfect for when you have half an hour to spare.

Stephen Leather is one of the UK’s most successful thriller writers. He was a journalist for more than ten years on newspapers such as The Times, the Daily Mail and the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong. Before that, he was employed as a biochemist for ICI, shovelled limestone in a quarry, worked as a baker, a petrol pump attendant, a barman, and worked for the Inland Revenue. He began writing full time in 1992. His bestsellers have been translated into more than ten languages. He has also written for television shows such as London’s Burning, The Knock and the BBC’s Murder in Mind series. Two of his books, The Stretch and The Bombmaker, were made into movies.